• Mouse Click Z - Kailh Switch

    This is a right angled Kailh Mouse Switch that directly solders in replacing the original Z button on the gamecube controller.  

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  • Mouse Click Z - Omron Switch

    This is a bracket that allows installation of D2LS mouse switches made by Omron.

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  • Cherry MX Gamecube Triggers

    This 3D printed bracket allows you to install highly reliable MX form factor switches in your gamecube controller.

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  • Tactile Switches for Phob DPad

    These switches solder directly on the Phob controllers DPad and completely replaces the membrane pad for a crisp feel.

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  • GCC Trigger Plugs

    Avoid using the analog press of your controller, all while using your triggers at a more comfortable height.

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  • Gamecube Controller Value and Snapback Tester/Reader

    Read your controllers values on the go, for notching and modding without needing a Gamecube or Wii.

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