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GCC Trigger Plugs

GCC Trigger Plugs

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Trigger plugs allow you to avoid using the analog press of your controller, all while using your triggers at a more comfortable height. These trigger plugs have a slight chamfer toward the top and provide a much better accuracy and fit than resin casted and/or other variants.  They also a center hole that acts as an air relief so the trigger doesn't pressurize upon inserting. 

Long plugs are for avoiding the analog press completely, and will not work for Ultimate without doing the analog to digital trigger mod. Short plugs will work with Ultimate without any farther modification but will require more travel time than long plugs, in Melee it will allow you retain the upper portion of you light shield. Another option is taking your spring out with a short plug allowing you trigger to sit at a medium height with retaining digital press only. This will allow the same functionality as a long plug just a different trigger height.

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