GCC PCB Traces

These are traces I drew over the Gamecube Controller PCB by hand.  The first image contains each of the power lines broken out to the chip.  Then next document contains each of the data lines.  Then the last is RDCs blank scans of the GCC motherboard.  I recommend downloading these then zooming in.


Some notes on the above scan, Q1 and Q2, are rumble transistors. Their bottom right connection is the Base, which toggles the transistor on and off. Q2 is a NPN which connects rumble to ground. Meanwhile Q1 is a PNP that connects rumble to 5v as a "brake." These are each controlled by their own individual connections to the Gamecube Controllers IC. D1 looks similar to these but its a flyback diode to prevent inductive kickback.  

Also note: Trigger slide support brackets are not grounded, meanwhile Z support bracket is.

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