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Gamecube Controller Value and Snapback Tester/Reader

Gamecube Controller Value and Snapback Tester/Reader

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Read your controllers values on the go, for notching and modding without needing a Gamecube or Wii. Values remain the same and even has increased functionality over using just 20XX.

This includes logging the highest Snapback value your controller has hit (like an oscilloscope!) so you can more accurately put in a Snapback cap, without fussing or needing to test in game. Never be uncertain with your capacitor value again.

Features include:
Full Readout of Control and CStick, L and R trigger, and digital buttons.
Snapback Reader (at 2 KHz)
PODE/Dashback Readout
and more!

Powered by a Mini USB cable (included).

Ships free anywhere in the USA.

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