Mouseswitch Z (Tutorial/Files)

This is a bracket I designed to make installing mouseswitch Z buttons a lot easier and more consistent.  This involves no shell cutting or hot glue to form the bracket.

I have decided to release the full design files and STL files so users can produce them themselves.  Additionally I will be selling this to users who do not have the capabilities to produce them (as it requires a high quality resin printer and durable resin to print).  Alternatively you can go to a website such as Hubs/Protolabs to have them made as well.

The actual mod has a small footprint like a traditional Z button and has no hanging wires.  This is since it is attached to the PCB rather than the actual shell.  It also uses the front shell's plastic shell for additional support once installed.

Here are some videos and pictures of the mod installed in a controller.

Link to download

Link to tutorial

Link to sound test


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