Cherry MX GCC (Tutorial/Files)

Use Cherry MX style switches with a Gamecube Controller

Tutorial, Download, and Resource Links all below:

Download files by clicking here, or purchase a set from my store.

Assembly time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy (Requires Soldering)

How to install:

1) Trim down trigger barrel.  I just used flush cutters, and the plastic snaps off near the base.  Leave some of the barrel so the plug will fit in nice and snug.  End result should look like this:

2) 3D Print pieces and install accordingly:

3) Assemble trigger back together:

4) Solder the MX Switch terminals to the existing digital pad.  This is done by desoldering the old trigger pad wires (2), soldering 2 new longer wires to the old spot, then soldering those wires to the switch.

5) Now just re-install black bracket, screws, and you are all set.  (The soldering step can be skipped if you just want the feel of the MX switch in Ultimate (you will NOT have a digital press for Melee if you skip that step!!)).

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